Friday, April 25, 2014
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Discussion on ‘Say No to Corruption’


tigerislebookcoverPKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli will be a panellist in a discussion this evening (Nov 20) on how to ‘Say No to Corruption’. Other speakers are Robert Lazar, managing partner of the law firm Shearn Delamore & Co and Bernard Khoo, a retired teacher who blogs at ‘Zorro Unmasked’.

The discussion is held in conjunction with the launch of a novel on titled Tiger Isle – A Government of Thieves.

Tiger Isle or Pulipore, where the story of the novel is set, is a mysterious country in South East Asia beset by endemic corruption.

Its hundreds of billions of dollars expenditure on inflated defense and other government procurement and infrastructure development contracts have left Tiger Isle on the verge of bankruptcy.

President Kapalin, Tiger Isle’s evil and despotic leader plays every card – from race to Tigerist religion to hounding his political nemesis, Maitreya, with trumped-up rape and sodomy charges – to cling on to power.

Failure is not an option, as Kapalin and his ambitious and self-promoting wife, Natasha, are also implicated in the cover-up of the gruesome murder of Tiger Isle’s Oscar-winning actress, dynamited to bits in a secluded forest.

With the island’s bitter ex-President Bhairav stirring extremist and right-wing Tigerist sentiments to undermine Kapalin and replace him with his own son as president,

Tiger Isle is confronted with a looming menace that threatens destruction to its 30 million inhabitants.

The fictional novel is published by the Strategic Information and Research Development Centre (SIRD).

Author E.S. Shankar will be present at the book launch to sign copies of his work which retails at RM30 and can be bought on the spot.

Members of the public are invited to attend the panel discussion and the book launch to be held at the Royal Selangor Club in Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

The event begins at 7pm in the upstairs ballroom where light snacks and refreshments will be served.

Entrance is free and the dress code is casual smart (jeans, round neck T-shirt, slippers/flip-flops and sandals are not allowed for men).

More details on the event can be obtained from Facebook.


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