Friday, April 18, 2014
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1 In Umno’s Malaysia, fanatics go where even angels fear to tread Joe Fernandez
2 ‘Allah’ issue about Malayisation and Islamisation of Malaysia Yin Ee Kiong
3 The roots of poverty in Sabah, Sarawak in Malaysia exposed! Daniel John Jambun
4 Separatist tendencies in Sabah put Putrajaya on edge Joe Fernandez
5 Sabah, Sarawak 50 Years in Malaysia plagued by bad politics Joe Fernandez
6 Unique raceconomics can undermine Malaysia’s progress Ramon Navaratnam
7 Klinik dan hospital kerajaan Negeri Sembilan kehabisan ubat A retired civil servant
8 Johor must fall in order for Pakatan to rule Dr Boo Cheng Hau
9 Vote for a revolutionary kind of development Pak Sako
10 Opposition will clinch popular vote in GE13 Joe Fernandez
11 Hindraf blueprint – the micro view that masks the bigger problem Joe Fernandez
12 Hindraf critics are demonizing the victims Dr V.S. Paraman
13 Waytha Moorthy’s hunger strike to highlight humanitarian aspect of Hindraf blueprint Dr V.S. Paraman
14 Is Malaysia's monarchy “above politics”? Pak Sako
15 Five contradictions in restricting the use of 'Allah' Pak Sako
16 What change? A reply to Dr Mahathir Mohamad Pak Sako
17 Is interracial integration more possible under convergence or divergence? Dr Boo Cheng Hau
18 Nurul Izzah’s statement in the Kaum Muda-Kaum Tua context AB Sulaiman
19 Parties colluding with growth of religious intolerance Yin Ee Kiong
20 Fatal flaw in the RM180 million allocation to Indians Jeyaseelan Anthony

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